Summer’s Coming! Time to get READING!

Mon, Mar 7, 2016

Do you have a student struggling with learning to read?

Has your child been diagnosed with dyslexia?

Does the school say your student is behind in reading but is reluctant to do testing or provide a specific program?


We provide diagnostic assessment as well as individual and group reading programs to develop and hone every child’s reading skills.

Using the LiPS (Lindamood Phonemic Sequencing)* program we:

*develop the necessary auditory perceptual skills basic to reading and spelling

*teach strong sound/symbol correspondence using multi-sensory input

*emphasize early rule based reading skills for more rapid generalization

An experienced instructor begins by introducing each sound by how it looks and how it feels while it is being produced. These two senses (visual and kinesthetic) then provide the basis for categorization of both consonant and vowel sounds. Students are taught to rely on their own kinesthetic  senses to begin sequencing sounds and then blending them into syllables and words.

We then use these enhanced skills to explicitly teach the rules or patterns of written English. Many of these rules are not actually taught in school. Students are expected to absorb them by exposure and example, however for students struggling with reading, these rules may not be apparent. For our students, exploring word patterns and formulating the rules themselves enhances their ability to generalize their knowledge from known words to novel words.

Call or email for more information:703-904-8334

*LiPS is a registered trademark of the Lindamood Bell Corporation/Gander Publishing Corporation Use of their program in no way implies endorsement by the Lindamood Bell Company