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Not All Dyslexia Is The Same

Many parents call me with concerns about their child’s reading. My first question to them is always, “Is the problem comprehension or decoding the words on the page?” Reading problems come in both forms and certainly overlap and intermingle. When most people talk about dyslexia though, they are talking about decoding the words on the […]

Males/Females with dyslexia have different patterns in brain MRIs

One of my RSLC parents shared this with me today: MRI studies have really improved our understanding of how the brain functions and what areas are involved in a whole variety of skills. The technology is increasingly demonstrating (maybe proving?) that males and females “think” differently. Just as it is changing how physicians treat […]

Hearing Loss – at the movies???

As the decibel meter swelled to over 120 dB at the CAPS game a few nights ago (Go CAPS!), it occurred to me that I wished I had brought my son’s noise reducing headphones. Increasingly, I wish I had ear plugs or other noise reduction options in a variety of other places too. An informal […]