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Valentine’s Day Fun!

Valentine’s Day Fun!

  These hearts started out as an easy more/less, most/least activity that you can adapt to suit any child’s interests! To work on more/less, grab whatever makes your child happiest – blocks, legos, craft pieces, whatever! – and put a few in front of them and a some in front of you. Count the pieces. Who has […]

Summer’s Coming! Time to get READING!

Do you have a student struggling with learning to read? Has your child been diagnosed with dyslexia? Does the school say your student is behind in reading but is reluctant to do testing or provide a specific program? WE CAN HELP! We provide diagnostic assessment as well as individual and group reading programs to develop and hone every child’s […]

Not All Dyslexia Is The Same

Many parents call me with concerns about their child’s reading. My first question to them is always, “Is the problem comprehension or decoding the words on the page?” Reading problems come in both forms and certainly overlap and intermingle. When most people talk about dyslexia though, they are talking about decoding the words on the […]