Valentine’s Day Fun!

Tue, Feb 14, 2017   These hearts started out as an easy more/less, most/least activity that you can adapt to suit any child’s interests! To work on more/less, grab whatever makes your child happiest – blocks, legos, craft pieces, whatever! – and put a few in front of them and a some in front of you. Count the pieces. Who has more? Who has less? – They earn a piece for their answer. Now change the amount in the piles. I like 10 trials – it makes collecting data easy, but you can do just a few at a time or more if everyone is having fun. To bump up to most/least – grab your child’s favorite stuffed animal and “deal them in”. Put a pile in front of stuffy, a pile in front of you, and a pile in front of the child. Now who has the most? Who has the least? Don’t be surprised when the child is disappointed when they don’t have the “most”. Use it as a low stress way to talk about feeling disappointed and how not everyone always wins during a game. When you are done, everyone gets to have fun with the items – build a tower together, make a lego pattern, or create a holiday design! And feel good – in one short activity you have worked on math concepts, language skills, pragmatics, emotion regulation and fine motor skills.